What employers say

Ana Todirascu

“As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, recruiting for multiple sectors like engineering, finance & procurement, marketing, sales and HR my partnership with WORK180 has been extremely positive and has played a huge part of my sourcing strategy. The partnership offered not only a designated female job board with quality candidates but an overall strategy to meet our needs, promoting the client brand, employee journeys and offering external market advice. Valeria and the wider team did everything possible to understand our company and culture, with genuine support to move us along our D&I journey, they have added value and have been amazing to deal with.”

Ana Todirascu, worked with WORK180 in Australia prior to moving overseas

Peter Hawkins

“It is a pleasure to work with your highly professional team and we greatly appreciate the personalised and attentive service we receive. Prior to our subscription we had grown used to services that offer a hundred marginal applicants. Now with your system that encourages rigorous self-selection we receive only a handful of standout candidates. The effort and cost of our recruitment has fallen dramatically as a result. I would recommend you to anyone.”

Peter Hawkins, Managing Director, Global Vision

Nhi Hemingway, Talent Acquisition Marketing Consultant, People Services People, National Australia Bank Limited

Nhi Hemingway

“Working with WORK180 has been a pleasure, and it has made it easy for us to highlight that we are truly an employer that embraces diversity and equality. We have had many successes through the platform, with candidates telling us they referenced it regularly when making decisions in their job search. Saying that, the work isn’t done yet! Glad that we have partnered with WORK180 to continue on this journey, and to keep on improving as an employer of choice!”

Nhi Hemingway, Talent Acquisition Marketing Consultant, People Services People, National Australia Bank Limited


Cathy Riach

"Whilst the volume of applicants from mainstream job boards outweighs the volume we received from WORK180 in 2018, the conversion rate speaks volumes. In terms of source performance ie applications to hires, WORK180 outperformed other job boards in 2018 by 4-8 times. Now in our second year with WORK180, we’re looking forward to building on our partnership and to engage more talented women into our business. We’re very proud to be a WORK180 Endorsed Employer for Women and remain committed to addressing gender balance. Why? Because diversity makes good business sense!"

Cathy Riach, Employment Brand & Partnerships Manager, BAE


Helen Fraser, General Manager, Human Capital, Laing O'Rourke

Kasey Zun

"WORK180 lead the way in working to ensure women are supported in their careers and striving to achieve gender equality within the broader community. For Ashurst, our goal is to be renowned both by our employees and externally for our approach to diversity and inclusion. WORK180 provide a platform for us to promote our commitment to gender equality and also encourage us to continue improving in this incredibly important space"

Kasey Zun, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Ashurst

Louise Lambert

"When an agency recruiter presented our new Head of Technology with our role, she agreed to meet with them because she read a post from WORK180 about our initiatives. Seeing Port of Brisbane among other endorsed employers, she felt confident we took diversity and inclusion seriously. In less than five months after joining WORK180 we have seen a significant increase in the number of applications received from women, a key part of that has been the Employer Branding we have from WORK180."

Louise Lambert, People and Performance Business Partner, Port of Brisbane

Katie Le Page

"As a Talent Acquisition leader across the resources, engineering and project management sectors my relationship with WORK180 has been an integral part of my strategic sourcing pillars across the gender space. Adapting and changing to our businesses I&D journey, I have found WORK180 to come with me on this journey and continually offer me market relevant advice, demonstrated return on investment and quality of female candidates. What WORK180 offer organisations is not just a “job board” but a pathway to extending our corporate messaging, employee stories and a unique way to enhance our value proposition in highly competitive markets. Valeria, Gemma and their team are fantastic with their warm, approachable and professional styles, enabling valuable time to work through solutions that enable me to promote and grow my resourcing capabilities that is responsive to the female workforce of tomorrow."

Katie Le Page, worked with WORK180 in her role as a Resourcing & Diversity Manager at a number of organisations

Jessica Ciccozzi, General Manager People & Capability, QinetiQ

James O'Reilly

"Our AU Product & Engineering teams have grown significantly over the last 12 months. It's pleasing to see that 42% of our new starters in this area have been female. We'll continue to promote our progressive and inclusive culture and flexible working arrangements on WORK180 to help attract great talent for Xero's next phase of growth."

James O'Reilly, Talent Acquisition Manager, Xero

Eva Cheng

"Having come across WORK180 on recommendation from a friend, I recently advertised a position for our team on WORK180 and would highly recommend their platform! Great approach to screening female-friendly employers and workplaces, with a network of high quality jobseekers. Great support from the WORK180 team, they forwarded any queries very promptly – being in the engineering and IT sector, I’d definitely advertise there again for high quality, diverse talent! "

Dr Eva Cheng, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director, Women in Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney.

Davina Shearer

"Incitec Pivot Limited is very proud to be an endorsed employer for women through WORK180. Our partnership assists us to hire a diverse range of talent to deliver better business outcomes. In the past 12 months, 33% of all external hires at Incitec Pivot have been women, bringing us closer to our target for female participation across our Australian business. "

Davina Shearer, Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Incitec Pivot Limited

Sarah Roberson, Marketing & Communications Manager, QinetiQ

Donna Forlin

"I’ve been working with WORK180 to hire talented women to join our Data Science, Engineering and Business Analysis teams and the candidates coming through the platform are excellent!"

Donna Forlin, Director, Engineering and Data Science, The Yield

Garth Quinn

“Our partnership with WORK180 offers us an opportunity to reach a different pool of candidates who we aren't reaching through traditional sourcing methods such as Seek. This channel fits well with our focus on diversity in Holcim.”

Garth Quinn, National Recruitment and Retention Manager at Holcim Australia and New Zealand

Helen Storckmeijer

"A week after launching our profile on WORK180 , we made an offer to a candidate for our Ecosystem director role! Talk about talent. The passion, dedication and very timely assistance of all the team members at WORK180 make it a fantastic company to work with. If you are serious about attracting more females to your workforce, WORK180 is the brand to partner with."

Helen Storckmeijer, People & Culture Manager, Megaport

Alison Price

"We recently advertised a role through WORK180 in an attempt to attract some female candidates for a non-traditional role. The same job was advertised on seek.com.au and received over 250 applications with just one female applicant. The quality of the WORK180' female applicants was excellent, with all except two shortlisted for interviews."

Alison Price, Operations Manager, Brisbane Screening

Gaby Riddington

"It’s so great to see WORK180 providing an innovative and very targeted jobs board. We were most impressed by their responsiveness and the high quality of candidates coming through. Phenomenal service, highly recommend to anyone looking to hire online.”

Gaby Riddington, Managing Director, Kipling Partners

Phil Randall

"As a startup in the agriculture technology space we have a desire to build a talented, well balanced team. We were delighted to be accepted into the WORK180 group of endorsed companies and both our campaigns with them have been very successful. Not only did we attract talented candidates, all were shortlisted and we’ve filled both roles advertised on the WORK180 jobs board- Anne and Kelly are both huge assets to our growing and diverse team of technologists!”

Phil Randall, COO at The Yield

Charlie Wood

"As our team grows in Australia, we are building key foundational elements to foster a diverse workforce. We want to hire the best talent and make sure we get the kind of people that will help us with the longer term vision about what we can do. We're a very mixed bunch of backgrounds and origins but we need to make sure we're diverse from a gender perspective. The partnership with WORK180 helps us consolidate the work that we're doing and validate it. I'm very impressed by WORK180 's innovative and direct approach to driving change in the corporate landscape of Australia."

Charlie Wood, Country Manager (ANZ) at Dropbox

Faith Rees

"As a startup, SixPivot is in a unique position to begin our journey with the people and culture we admire and desire from the outset. We are fortunate to be able to create a workplace that embraces diversity and is inclusive. Hiring highly talented developers who share our core values is not an easy task, finding highly talented female developers is even harder. From my years working in software development, I know how difficult it is to find deeply technical female developers in particular, so from the start I wanted to work with WORK180 to ensure SixPivot had the best chance of attracting female developers! We’ve previously advertised the same role on SEEK and LinkedIn and only received applications from males; however, after only one week of advertising on WORK180 ’s website, we received several applications from talented female developers- the results speak for themselves."

Faith Rees, CEO, SixPivot

Hiten Parmar

"Working with WORK180 has enabled us to showcase EMC as an employer of choice for women in the IT sector in Australia and NZ. It has also helped us educate women in our marketplace about the growing diversity of the EMC business.We work with companies across our region on technology solutions that range from securing data from cyber-attacks right through to big data projects that can help predict health issues before they have arisen. We have taken advantage of the weekly jobs spotlight where we’ve also been able to highlight the culture of our company – from being voted 6th place in the Global Best Place to Work in 2015 through to our local ANZ Inclusion and Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Overall, WORK180 has assisted us in reaching a broader audience in the ANZ IT community.”

Hiten Parmar, Sales Lead – ANZ Talent Acquisition, EMC

Andy McDaid

"In the course of the interview of a Snr Analyst/Product Specialist role, we spoke about the motivation for applying for a role with Origin and long term goals. The applicant mentioned she’d applied through the WORK180 website. She went on to say that when she saw Origin was advertised on WORK180 , it re-iterated to her the focus the company has on diversity and it confirmed to her that we offer a genuine career path into senior and exec roles for female candidates.”

Andy McDaid, Sourcing Channel Manager at Origin for Alexander Mann Solutions

Alina Dorca

"We recently began working with WORK180 to raise awareness about the variety of career paths women can pursue at AECOM and attract potential candidates for our vacancies. We have been really impressed with the high level of personalised customer service and care shown by WORK180.”

Alina Dorca, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, AECOM

Katerina Elezovic

"WORK180 provides us with an exclusive job board of like-minded employers, a user friendly job posting platform in addition to a highly responsive and passionate team."

Katarina Elezovic, Recruitment Manager, AustralianSuper

Kerrie Williams

"It’s been terrific to partner with WORK180, who have created a unique channel where women can identify organisations that seek to understand what women need & want in a workplace & strive to deliver this. It has supported us in targeting a different pool of candidates, as we continually work to build a more diverse & inclusive business. Achieving greater gender diversity in the financial services sector is tough, so bringing talented young women into the industry is critical to our desire to have equal representation at all levels throughout the firm."

Kerrie Williams, Director of Strategy and People, Frontier Advisors

Natasha Ralston

"WORK180 has been an important and valued partner to SVA in our active commitment to fostering diversity. While the job board functionality and candidate attraction campaign support has contributed to SVA actively addressing diversity in candidate attraction, it has been the standards to engage that made us accountable to best practice. Thanks WORK180 and we look forward to being a continued part of your community making a difference to gender equality in Australia."

Natasha Ralston , Director, People & Culture, Social Ventures Australia

Larinda Donnellon

"WORK180 have been instrumental in advising us on the challenges and the solutions. They have also encouraged and enabled us to think about how we can push diversity in other areas of the business. Becoming a WORK180 endorsed employer wasn't a box to tick; It was a journey, and one we're proud to be in."

Larinda Donnellon, HR Advisor at Brisbane Airport Corporation

Pat Caldwell

"The WORK180 platform and community is so critical for us at FundApps and also for broader change within many industries across the globe. We've been partnering with WORK180 for over a year and had the opportunity to be benchmarked against best practices, challenged on how we can continually improve our own ways of working, benefits and policies, and benefited from a targeted job board to help us find the best people in the world to come and work at FundApps. Being part of WORK180 is not a 'tick in the box'... It doesn't work like that! You have to be committed to what you do and committed to improving your practices, and fits perfectly within our values at FundApps."

Pat Caldwell, Head of People, Fundapps

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