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Women In Energy

Women in Energy

Women In Energy was started in 2013 by a group of industry professionals dedicated to advancing women as leaders in the energy sector. According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, women comprise only 6% of Key Management Personnel (KMP) in the energy sector despite making up over 20% of the workforce.

WIE's mission is to enable women to advance their careers  in the energy sector by delivering education, training, advocacy, and networking. We hope to see the energy sector within Australia become world class by incorporating more diversity among its leadership and key management personnel.

Women In Energy works to achieve this vision through the following:

  • Education: Informing women within the sector not only of opportunities to grow their careers, but also how to seek out and create those opportunities for themselves. Our aim is to partner with leaders within the sector and encourage them to incorporate diversity strategies into their human capital management.

  • Training: Provide women within the sector, as well as women who are interested in energy, with the skills necessary to reach their full professional potential. Members and non-members can participate in workshops to provide guidance on how to actively plan for and manage their careers.

  • Advocacy: Women In Energy is a collaborative association which seeks to partner with other like minded organisations to advance equality in the workplace. We hope to collaborate with public and private agencies as well as government bodies to champion women’s rights and create equal opportunities for women to succeed in the sector.

  • Networking: Provide members with access to leaders, mentors, and colleagues with whom they can engage to advance their professional development.

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