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Vic ICT for Women​

At Vic ICT for Women, we pride ourselves on creating programs that inform and support women right from school age all the way to the top. We want to ensure our member enthusiasm for ICT is encouraged, nurtured and passed along to the next generation of women through events and programs structured to help at each stage in your journey. Our programs fall into 5 portfolios targeting different stages of every woman’s life.


Starting at the beginning, our program Go Girl, Go for IT is targeted at school-aged girls and aims to inspire, excite and teach them about the vast possibilities available in a career in IT. The next step is our Grad Girl program. Grad Girl is an award-winning program which empowers female tech university students to make informed decisions about the transition from academic life to a career in tech.

To continue to support females entering the workforce the Mentor(She) program provides a uniquely personalised mentoring program, where we match the aspirations of women in tech with other tech professionals to facilitate information sharing, creating a sense of community and a forum for ideas to achieve their ongoing aspirations.

While building the pipeline of talent is critical, retention of female talent is of equal importance. Two of the programs are dedicated to continual growth and retaining interest, expanding networks and showcasing role models/specialists within IT/Digital fields. The Importance of Women in IT breakfast sessions showcases inspiring leaders (men and women) in Information

Technology, or related fields, who share their experiences about their career and personal journey. What’s Hot in IT on the other hand is an interactive event showcasing emerging technologies and industry trends in a friendly and informative atmosphere.

For more information on our programs, how to become a member, or volunteer please go to Vic ICT for Women.