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Sisters in Science

Sisters in Science

Sisters in science logoSisters In Science is an organisation with aims to connect generations of women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine).  Our role is to inspire, engage, and empower girls in the intermediate years of high school through exposure to possible careers across the field of STEMM.

We make role models visible for young women, in order to encourage and maybe even unlock a bit of curiosity for girls who hadn’t previously considered a career in STEMM, due of a lack of awareness about what it could look like for them

At the heart of our organisation are the Sistership Engagement Events, held at schools across Victoria.

These involve Big Sisters; women in careers across a variety of areas of STEMM, participating in round table discussions with groups of girls in Years 9 & 10, as part of Sistership Engagement Groups.

The aim is to provide a valuable opportunity for young women to learn about where a career in STEMM can take them, directly from women who have been in their position and can share their unique experiences.

Below is what we are looking for in Big Sisters

We are looking for women who work or study in an area of STEMM and who are passionate about inspiring and empowering the next generation of girls. As a Big Sister you will be committing to engaging in small round table discussions Sistership Engagement events, which will happen approximately once a month.

If this interests you, get in touch with us on with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Job Title and Company/University
  3. A bit about your background and interests
  4. Why you want to become a Big Sister