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Tired of going it alone in your career or business? Wish you could tap into an awesome network of professionals to help you take the right next steps? She Mentors is a platform that connects women in business with mentors, experts and peers. 

We believe that everyone has something unique to offer, which is why all of our members pledge to give back 1 hour of expertise each month. This means we’re constantly exchanging ideas, advice and knowledge on a daily basis. It's like having your own personal board of advisors at your fingertips, 24/7!

This 'peer-to-peer' mentoring guarantees real, authentic connections that actually make a difference. No sneaky sales pitches, no hidden agendas, just real, one-on-one conversations every single month. 

Grab a coffee on your lunch break, hangout over Zoom or share a glass of wine at our member-only MeetUps in Melbourne. Best of all? We only attract women who genuinely care about helping each other succeed. 

Why join She Mentors? 

Our members have landed $30k pay rises; international speaking gigs; and new business ventures. They've battled Imposter Syndrome; negative self-talk; and stepped out of their comfort zones. They've even had the courage to stand up against workplace bullying, sexism and discrimination. All this because of The Mentor Hour. Because they've finally found a tribe of women who have their backs.

So if you want to #GiveBack and #DriveChange through mentoring, join this extraordinary movement and help us accelerate the success of women in business.

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