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Saheli Club

Saheli Club


Saheli Club (Saheli is a hindi word for “Friend”) is an incorporated, not for profit organization set up in 2017 by seven enterprising and creative women from different walks of life with the intention to do something different to make a difference.


The club is not just about hosting events, but includes mentoring, networking and skills development with loads of entertainment and fun. It intends to work as a support group and an information gathering platform not only for established members but also for the newly arrived Indian subcontinent originated migrant community. As an incorporated association, it is guided and governed by its constitution and all members are expected to adhere to the rules, regulations and specifications set down by the executive committee.


In the recent years, technology has redefined friendship as with the click of a button; we can add a friend or make a new connection. Our most important and powerful connections happen when we’re face-to-face. The establishment of this club is to create a dais, to generate pathways and to build a beautiful platform for Indian subcontinent women across Sydney to build great friendships and empower each other in return. Our mission is apparent in their name itself:


S - Stand by you

A - Accept you

H - Help you

E - Encourage you

L - Lift you

I - Include you


For more information on joining the club and other information, visit our Facebook page. You can also reach us via email for any questions.

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