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Recipe for Health

Recipe for Health

After spending a decade in a fast-paced corporate career, and then overcoming her battle with chronic fatigue syndrome, Rosanna Lauria founded Recipe for Health to make health and happiness a normal part of workplaces. 

Unsatisfied with the proportion of employees sacrificing their health for their success, Rosanna and her team work to empower and educate busy people on how to enhance their mental and physical health, finding balance in their lives, while still getting the job done. 

Evidence shows that when one is exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed or disengaged, this can reduce their productivity by up to 50%, significantly impacting on not only the culture of the workplace, but also the bottom line. By enhancing the health and positivity of the employee, you enable them to function at their capacity, maximising their productivity while also enhancing their quality of life.

Recipe for Health prides itself on simplicity and convenience, providing realistic and practical strategies to enhance the energy, resilience and happiness of employees, while also getting across the WHY through a combination of relatable personal stories, traditional wisdoms and the latest scientific evidence. 

As a DCC member, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Recipe for Health’s services, which include:

  • Holistic mental and physical health programs to build happy, healthy teams, containing fun challenges and innovative ways to keep your team engaged

  • Online mental health programs to create resilient, engaged employees 

  • Bespoke workshops to target a particular health and wellbeing area

  • Keynote talks to inspire and empower your employees to prioritise their wellbeing 

  • Bespoke packages to allow your workplace to address their unique challenges and risks, and achieve their goals. 

  • Corporate meditation and yoga classes to provide practical solutions to allow your employees to refresh, re-energise and maintain balance amongst their busy schedules.  

To learn more or to make a booking with Rosanna and the team, head to their website and be sure to mention DCC for your 10% discount!

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