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MissBlockchain.Tech is the brainchild of Akasha Indream, a community organizer, communications and engagement specialist, and advisor to ICOs.

As a businesswoman and mother, Akasha realized that women were left behind in blockchain tech development, token sales, and ICO teams. Furthermore, they were underrepresented in a space where cryptocurrency was fast becoming the solution to a failing fiat currency system. Media outlets started noticing. Forbes Magazine and New York Times began advocating for women in blockchain.

“MissBlockchain is a superwoman from the future,” says Akasha, who in 2017 began mobilizing a 400-member professional women group on Telegram, the leading social encrypted, online platform for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, developers and investors.

Akasha who was a lawyer by training, built the website and members started contributing to it. “We posted press releases, interviews, podcasts, and articles featuring work of vital social importance and especially the work of other women entrepreneurs.”


Over the past few months, 400+ women came to a consensus that they won’t work for free and without acknowledgement. Women have decided that they are going to fund each other’s startups – or help each other get funding through their global networks.

Women in our groups have decided to run their own conferences, like MissBlockchain media partners, Women on the Block. They’ve decided to work together, collaboratively, and on a global scale!

For instance, women have cross promoted their businesses across multiple meetups and conferences around the world attracting support from their male counterparts.


  • 400+ female member Telegram group, Women in Blockchain International (WIBI)
  • 200+ female member Telegram group “CrypTokenWomen” for cryptocurrency trading discussion
  • 40+ blockchain and cryptocurrency published articles (half by women) on the MissBlockchain website – one of the fastest growing news portals on blockchain in Australia, attracting media attention in the UK, USA and Estonia.
  • One of our earliest and ongoing contributors, Dr Jane Thomason, awarded the inaugural Quantum Impact Award at a Decade of Women at UN.
  • Creation of Reddit’s first active Women in Blockchain subreddit
  • 2018 Media Partnerships with the Australian Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair, and USA Women on the Block Conference.
  • Presence of global conference organisers in the group including Asian and European Blockchain Fairs, Puerto Rico and SXSW, Blockchain Cruise, Women on the Block conference, Australia’s APAC, as well Forbes writers and editors, and England’s Unblocked Events.
  • 100+ Speaking Engagements by WIBI members: including Puerto Rico Crypto Summit, Blockchain EXPO North America (California), BCI Summit & Bitcoin Investment Strategies and Regulation (New York). Blockchain Summit (DC), World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (Moscow), Blockchain Economic Forum (Singapore), and SXSW.
  • Past and upcoming ICOs by women members of the group including: Waves, Metal, ClearCoin, Sirin Labs, Salt,,, NEM, ImpactPPA, PITCH Investors Live, IoMob, Novum Insights, Potentiam, Intimate, Acorn, Beaxy, Snapay, Coin Sailor,, Civic Ledger, Lympo, Avestix, and Blockhive ILP.
  • 50+ member group collaboration on Slack for the the development of a WIBI investment group, white paper, and product development .
  • Social Media recognition as the place to come to start a career in Blockchain for Social Good.
  • Collaboration with, a blockchain platform that increases monetary gains for its users. They have made an exclusive Women in Blockchain List that we manage.
  • 100+ LinkedIn connections in a women in blockchain leadership groups.
  • 1,000+ ReTweets of individual member achievement on @Miss_Blockchain plus hundreds of tweets by members of other member’s achievements.
  • Connecting women to 10+ global Women in Blockchain Global meetup groups, in USA and Australia and the Women in Blockchain Global Slack.
  • *** TechCrunch Editor and honorary WIBI member Mike Butcher gave us recognition at the World Economic Forum.

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