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C A R E E R   C O A C H I N G

Career coaching is a wonderful opportunity to maximise your strengths and challenge you to reach your professional potential. Career coaching is applicable in all stages or a person’s life; at the very start of a career, through all the changes over the years and at the end of a career.

Career coaching is often most successful when a person is transitioning in their life, seeking to activate their ambition, looking for change or trying to reignite their passion. Some examples of when career coaching could be considered are:


  • Young adults – transitioning from school to a profession
  • Graduates – choosing a pathway, new career choices
  • Professional change – a complete change in career
  • Parents – leaving work or preparing to return


  • Promotions - seeking a larger or more complex role
  • More money - looking to create worth and wealth
  • Self Development - new skills, more responsibility, new projects


  • New leaders – leadership and people responsibilities
  • Redundancy - forced career evaluation and change
  • New colleagues / boss - connecting with new people


  • Boredom – feeling uninspired about work and your career
  • Unemployment - looking for new opportunities

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