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Lightbox Communication

Lightbox Communications

We are a specialist centre for the creation and management of your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand.

Lightbox communications is an agency dedicated to helping organisations reach and engage their current and future employees, enabling them to attract and retain a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) should be at the heart of every EVP.


We see I&D as enjoying a symbiotic relationship, and develop strong communications and compelling messaging that talk to both:

  1. Retention: Communications that focus on the engagement and retention of your existing workforce, fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged, reminded and empowered to realise their value and potential, no matter their differences.
  2. Attraction: Communications that focus on the engagement and attraction of a fresh new world of talent, encouraging and welcoming the kind of creativity, innovation and productivity that only comes from having a healthy, diverse and inclusive workforce.

Engaging your current and future talent just got simpler.

Our robust, research-based methodology guarantees that the opinions of all employees within an organisation are at the core of the Employer Brand we build for them.

The most critical piece of the puzzle is having insight into the perceptions and beliefs of your workforce as well as understanding how well you do in delivering an inclusive work experience/environment.

Your Employer Brand is used to positively influence the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of candidates and employees about your employment offering and to convert them from a state of indifference to becoming active participants in your I&D strategy.

This involves creating a compelling story (visual identity and messaging) that will enable people to understand the employment experience you have to offer, how you differ from your talent competitors, and how diverse talent, with the right attitudes and attributes, will be a good fit in your organisation.

We can manage everything in the EVP-to-Employer Brand chain for you, or just the bits you’re missing. We’re quite flexible like that.