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Jobs Shared

Jobs Shared

Launched in May 2015 by Simone McLaughlin, Jobs Shared is a full-service job sharing resource specialising in making job sharing easier than ever before. We help highly qualified people both young and old find part-time work through job sharing without compromising their senior positions. 


Jobs Shared for Individuals

Find your job share partner easily with our online networking platform. It's as simple as creating your profile and searching the database for someone with similar experience.

Job share coaching and training will help you create a complete proposal to get your request over the line, as well as provide best practice advice for working in a job share arrangement. 


Jobs Shared for Employers:

Workshops and Training to help with the following:

  • Helping managers better manage job share teams 

  • Provide best practice advice and tips for job share teams 

  • Large group job share 101 education sessions

  • HR consulting to set up standard job share agreements 


Bespoke job share software:

Find our more about our bespoke software. It will become one of your best staff retention tools.  


Job Share Speed Dating 

Want to create some buzz around job sharing? We can help you plan a job share speed dating night bringing the job share network to life. 


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