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Engineers Without Borders Australia

Engineers Without Borders Australia

Since 2003, Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) has worked with the belief that engineering, along with complementary skill sets and aligned organisations, can engineer a better world. We believe in the power of collaboration to create solutions to some of our pressing social and environmental challenges.

There are a number of ways you can support our work:

  • Partner - provide a financial contribution to EWB as an organisation, or support a specific program, such as our international projects in Cambodia and Timor Leste, or our schools' program in Australia. Help us further the positive impact we have on the world. 

  • Fundraise - you can make EWB your charity of choice. use internal events to fundraise for EWB, including matched workplace giving, involvement in our annual jazzy shirt day, wild one adventure race, race around the bay or run for EWB events. 

  • Support - provide resources to EWB through a combination of financial support with employee volunteering hours, pro bono technical advice or in kind support. 

  • Sponsor - provide financial or in kind resources by sponsoring an EWB event, this may include link festival, EWB's national council or a number of our other events held at the dream factory in Melbourne. 

At Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) we are a leading advocate of taking a cross-sector approach to tackling wicked problems. 

We have a long and proud history of collaborating with aligned organisations to create positive social and environmental impact in Australia and the indo-pacific region.

“We are catalysts,” said Sarah Matthee, EWB Australia’s Corporate Coordinator, “We bring organisations together to create change. Our EWB connect program is a great example of this, connecting community and engineering organisations that can work effectively together but haven’t traditionally had pathways to connect. we believe that engineering and technical professions have a huge part to play in creating solutions to global problems. Our aim is to ensure these organisations design with communities, not for them – creating solutions built out of a diverse knowledge base, and experience that comes through collaboration. Companies partner with us because they share this belief, but also because EWB Australia enables them to have a positive impact on their own communities and reach into broader spaces, such as with our community partners in the indo-pacific region or aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia.”

“Our experience has shown that being a partner with EWB Australia resonates and engages deeply with our partners’ employees. Being able to travel as a corporate fellow on our humanitarian design summits to Cambodia, India, Malaysia or Nepal provides a great opportunity for employees. They can mentor university students in a unique international setting and participate in an immersive personal and professional experience. It also means one on one access with some of Australia’s outstanding engineering and technical graduates, the very students that will make up the next generation of our partners’ employees and peers.”

Currently, EWB Australia holds relationships with fifteen corporate organisations and 30+ universities who are involved in our educational programs, including the EWB challenge, humanitarian design summit and research programs. For more info visit our website.

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