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Corporate Diversity Pathways

Corporate Diversity Pathways





As we look ahead into the future, our leaders will be those who empower their employees through Diversity + Inclusion.  In Australia, companies are realising that Diversity + Inclusion are good for business. With 46% of the workforce represented by women, inclusive targets of 50% of women represented on leadership teams are being set and achieved by Boards, CEO's and Heads of Diversity + Inclusion. 

At CDP, our purpose is to position Australia for greater futures. We are committed to our corporate and NFP partnerships for change, evidenced through our contribution to strategy, achievement of  business results and an inclusive recruitment philosophy that better attracts, develops and retains top talent. We assist in creating a client community through a sense of belonging to better meet customer demands.

We empower organisations to make change through:

  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Executive Development Programs
  • Workplace Wellness Workshops
  • Diversity + Inclusion Advisory + Action
  • Diversity + Inclusion Leaders Network
  • The Power of Mentoring