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BubDesk is the missing piece to the return-to-work puzzle in Australia, creating a national network of "in-childcare co-working" spaces for new parents that enables them to work within their local childcare centre, away from the distractions and isolation of home, but close enough to their new baby that they can continue feeding or offering cuddles as needed, while they transition into care.


BubDesk works as an intermediary between employers, parents and childcare centres to create win-win solutions for all. They provide employers with a concept to improve staff retention, they help new parents with work-life "blend" and they enable childcare centres to stand out from their competition, through the introduction of this innovative new service.


BubDesk's Objectives


  • Assisting new parents with their return-to-work transition
  • Enabling better work-life "blend"  
  • Strengthening the argument that career success and family doesn't need to be a choice
  • Delivering a more productive and better supported flexible working solution than working from home 
  • Assisting employers with staff retention and attraction 


Ch7 News Media Coverage: BubDesk is now offered within 13 centres nationally, with the network growing every month as parents and employers request new suburbs.‚Äč