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Branding Headshots

Branding Headshots

Ramona is not only an established photographer with a successful studio specialising in Branding Headshots, she is also an author, an internationally accredited Behavioural Profiler and an expert in Personal Branding. 

Her extensive experience in sales and marketing coupled with her background in coaching and counselling have given her the passion and understanding to empower others to achieve outstanding results. 

She works intuitively to uncover your amazing strengths and abilities and then brings that out with her camera.

Imagine yourself… Eyes warm and connected, face soft and relaxed.

You, out there, standing in your space, owning it and feeling absolutely amazing!

Your headshot should represent you at the soul level. Real level. Authentically you.

When people look at your headshot on LinkedIn, or on your website, subconsciously, a list is being ticked off in their mind:

  • Does she look trustworthy?

  • Does she look professional?

  • Is that smile real?

Everyone has their own list and depending on what kind of professional they're looking for will determine the questions they’re unconsciously asking themselves. A great headshot will give you credibility as someone who is serious about what they do. It should represent you in a way that illuminates your best features and highlight’s your true essence.

Ramona promises that she won't let you leave the studio until you’ve have nailed it…. Not until you LOVE your images. She believes you will love them so much you’ll want to show everyone. You will have so much fun - you will wonder what you were worried about in the first place!

We both cannot recommend Ramona’s services enough- all our lovely photography on the website and DCC social media was taken by Ramona and we were both Ramona’s clients prior to DCC’s launch. We have many friends and colleagues who have been delighted by Ramona’s ability to put them completely at ease!

If you’d like to book a photo shoot with Ramona, please head to her website and make sure to mention DCC for a 10% discount!

Ramona’s studio is in Melbourne, however she regularly travels interstate and group bookings can be arranged.

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