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Blue Collared Woman

The Blue Collared Woman


The Blue Collared Woman provides a range of diversity and inclusion services for organisations, associations and individuals. The BCW founder, Teagan Dowler, has worked in the space of Human Resource Management, Organisational Leadership, Training, Development and Coaching for the past decade. Her experience has been built in traditionally masculine workplaces including civil construction, underground and open-cut coal mining, open-cut iron ore mining and steel processing. This practical experience is underpinned by formal academic qualifications in Psychology and Human Resource Management.

Teagan is often called upon to provide expert opinion on the topic of leadership, diversity and empowerment. As well as being quoted in The Australian House of Representatives, BCW has featured in a range of magazines (including OK! Magazine, The Collective and CLEO), interviewed on live breakfast radio for 4BC Brisbane and ABC Gippsland and is a Ministerial Committee Member for the School of Student Leadership in Victoria and Treasurer of the Diversity Practitioners Association in Queensland.


Teagan has recently released her first book, Rules of the Game: Women in Masculine Industries which explores the world of engineering, resources and construction from the perspectives of over 50 women and men. Rules of the Game presents an honest account of the realities faced by women in these industries and succinctly delivers recommendations on how to overcome the challenges and make the most of the advantages. This book is an essential guide for any woman about to commence her career in engineering, resources and construction or anyone who wants to better understand these industries to achieve success.

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Teagan believes that creating a successful corporate diversity strategy requires more than setting a quota or KPIs. It requires an analytical approach which takes into account the organisation’s history, current status and future desired state.

Diversity Strategy Services Provided by BCW Include:

  • Development of a Diversity Strategy to complement your organisation’s existing strategic direction;

  • Organisational culture review to establish norms, themes and behaviours currently existing within your workplace;

  • Systems and Procedure review to ensure organisational processes are supportive of diversity strategy;

  • Advice on best practice targets and measures to complement strategy achievement, roll out and implementation within the broader business;

  • Executive engagement and support, including coaching and advisory services;

  • Development and implementation of mentoring programs

  • Delivery of a variety of workshop topics. Including, but not limited to: understanding masculine and feminine behaviours, unconscious biases, business case and benefits of diversity, leading a diverse workforce and empowering women workshops


The BCW regularly runs public events in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.