Customer Support Manager


Job Type:Full Time
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Job Overview/Purpose:

The Customer Support Manager has responsibility across Country Banking Australia for actively managing Customer Complaints, complaint monitoring/analysis/reporting as well as using the customer’s feedback for process and control improvements.

The role is empowered to make decisions on customer complaints within their agreed delegation and actively promote awareness of the Customer Advocate role internally and externally i.e. to ensure staff and customers are aware of the escalation process and additional options for customers.

The outcome is an effective complaint resolution within an acceptable time period. Complaints data is used to provide input into improvements in processes, controls and products to reduce future reoccurrence of complaints.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Customer Complaints

■ Receive Customer complaints either directly or via escalation

■ Raise an Incident if the complaint is received directly

■ Provide timely acknowledgement to customers upon receipt of their complaint

■ Handling Customer complaints and escalations efficiently and in a fair and equitable manner to arrive at an effective resolution

■ Respond to customers within the bank’s policies in addition to regulatory/obligatory timeframes

Complaint Embedding, Monitoring and Reporting

■ Refine and embed the customer complaint process within Country Banking Australia

■ Actively promote awareness of the Customer Advocate role internally and externally i.e. ensure staff and customers are aware of the escalation process and additional options for customers – for example, staff referring customers to Customer Advocate, AFCA and other external support services, e.g. financial counselling services, community legal centres etc.

■ Provide details and manage all AFCA matters associated with Customer Complaints

■ Conduct training and education sessions to new employees and current employees

■ Monitor complaints and identify any systemic issues

■ Undertake trend analysis and reporting on customer complaints

■ Raise any potential breaches to Compliance for assessment (e.g. AFSL, Credit Code, Banking Code, Privacy etc.)

■ Compile reporting to ET and the Board

Complaint Feedback and Business/Process Optimisation

■ Identify and provide input into policy, process and controls improvements

■ Utilise customer feedback to further improve the bank’s products

■ Represent ‘customers’ on cross-functional product and project teams on new product/business launches

■ Act as SME on customer remediation or enhancement projects

■ Engage with industry groups and other banks/financial services for industry wide customer issues and best practice

■ Advise support teams on emerging customer issues based on continuous research and engagement with industry groups and other banks/financial services

■ Advise on and effect changes in policies, procedures, systems or structures

Complaint Decision Making

■ Empowered to make decisions on Customer complaints within their agreed delegation

■ Make resolution decisions independent of business

Core Competencies:

Market & Customer Focus

■ Think and act based on customer’s interest and the underlying premises of the cooperative. Facilitate sustainable customer relationships/communities and serve them based on the values of openness, transparency and professionalism. Passionate about customer experience and continuous improvement.

Vision & Strategy

■ Formulate a vision from an external perspective and set direction. Operationalise the course to achieve concrete objectives. Prove yourself to be a reliable partner for customers and employees.

Inspire & Develop

■ Personally open to feedback and growth. Foster growth of individuals and teams in order to

achieve goals. Transparency, employability and flexibility are major assets.

Synergy & Partnership

■ Strong track record in dealing with Customers, working in and collaborating with Cross functional teams.

Change & Innovation

■ Bear personal responsibility and exhibit a proactive attitude, see opportunities and possibilities, and strength own adaptive capacity. Dare to take responsible risks in order to achieve a better result.

Results & Output Driven

■ Deliver results achieving a concrete and tangible result. In the process, exhibit discipline and decisiveness. Strong analytical, organisational and data led decision making skills.

Job Skills and Knowledge:


■ At least 5 years’ managerial experience in a Customer focussed environment

■ At least 3 years’ experience in the Banking and Financial Services industry (highly desirable)

■ Track record in dealing with customers, working in and collaborating with cross functional teams

■ Experience in dealing with FOS/AFCA

■ Working knowledge of RG165 and Code of Banking Practice

■ Should not have held previous roles within Rabobank or affiliates as a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Team, or Human Resources team


■ Able to establish a position of trust with Customers, Senior Management and Employees, whilst exhibiting high levels of discretion and confidentiality

■ Ability to articulate decisions rationale regarding complaints outcome to senior management

■ Adept at dealing with difficult conversations

■ Excellent stakeholder management and influencing skills. Proven success in influencing change in a business and operations setting

■ Exceptional verbal, written and communication skills

■ Strong organisational skills

■ Ability to work effectively under pressure and deadline

■ Intermediate to advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, with particular emphasis on PowerPoint, Word and Excel.



■ Tertiary qualifications in Business, or a related discipline.


■ Post-graduate qualifications in Business, or a related discipline.