product delivery lead.

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Job Type:Full Time
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You are someone who is not satisfied with just facilitating an agile process. You are someone who desires to be part of high performing delivery teams, that can solve both complex and complicated problems, and build products that matter to people.

Our growing team of agile delivery leads’ service to their delivery team is to be the servant leader that keeps the team focused on delivering product outcomes.

We have the opportunity to work with clients both big and small: from large enterprises, that partner with us to innovate and kickstart new products & services generating new revenue streams; to startups, looking to realise their incredible new product idea.

You will be coached by our Director of Product Development, that serves our product strategy & delivery teams to grow their capabilities, build tools and techniques that help us and our clients to gain a shared understanding of the product vision, and to always focus on delivering value to customers.

Joining as a product delivery lead, you will:

  • Facilitate cross-functional team members and the customer in the delivery of product outcomes.
  • Maintain a shared understanding with the team of the release goal and key dates, and ensure the team’s focus and alignment in achieving those goals.
  • Use tools and techniques that enable cross-functional teams to deliver value, early and often, to our customers.
  • Provide meaningful delivery metrics to the team and facilitate their continuous improvement.
  • Work with and coach the team on their delivery process.
  • Be the spearhead for removing blockers or impediments from the team.
  • Create conditions for psychological safety between team members and the client.

Our people:

  • Ask each other and the people we work with - “How are you?” and listen.
  • Independently seek to learn and grow, and are motivated to teach and grow others.
  • Rise to challenges and are resourceful in solving problems.
  • Celebrate each other’s success.


  • At least two years experience as a functional member (such as a business analyst, software developer, designer, quality control or similar) of a team that has utilised an agile/lean methodology in its delivery.
  • Highly regarded: Have proven experience in leading teams that have delivered frequent increments of product value with cycle times of less than two weeks.
  • Highly regarded: Have proven delivery experience where the context was complex or complicated (examples: managing expectations across multiple senior external stakeholders, complex business or technical domain, integration with many external systems that are outside of the team’s control, high impact of errors or failures)
  • Highly regarded: Have in-depth knowledge and with veteran experience (> 4 years) in the application of agility or lean principles and practices.