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If you love technology, love talking to people and love being a part of a Company that values talent over qualifications; then click through to see more!

We help Australia’s biggest organisations, government departments and not for profits manage and navigate shifts in technology. We only employ technically brilliant people to deliver custom application development, software deployment, IT consulting and managed services.

We’re an agile shop, which means the stuff we build gets used in weeks, not years. Our staff are industry superstars who regularly present locally and around the world at NDC, DDD, YOW!, TechED, just to name a few.

We value talent and experience over qualifications. Our style is self managed teams, which means our people get to learn from their peers and push them to their best.

We’re also a pretty diverse bunch - Readify currently plays host to more than 28 nations, all happily coding together.

Readify wants to know what you know:

  • Are you confident with your .NET/C#?
  • Do you know your grunt from your gulp and your webpack?
  • Your ES6 from your TypeScript?
  • The difference between ASP.NET MVC 5, 6 and WebAPI?
  • Can you navigate the clouds of Azure and AWS?
  • What about Cordova?
  • Have you worked with HTML5, CSS3+, JavaScript, Angular?
  • Ever played around Visual Studio, WebStorm, TeamCity?
  • Git your PR's in?
  • Can you wrangle the tentacles of Octopus?

To apply

Our Knock Knock coding puzzle is the first gate. We want to see how you code - your approach is as important as the result. Readify is a popular place to work, so we’re shameless about automating this step. It also means we only look at your skills - we actually believe in diversity.

  1. Click -
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Check your email. You’ll receive an email from us, where you’ll find a link and your unique token to start the technical challenge.