Technical Excellence Lead - Australia

Last updated 7 days ago
Job Type:Full Time

At Mott MacDonald our mission is to create client satisfaction, drive excellence, achieve commercial success and to provide employee fulfilment. The objectives of our Excellence agenda align with this mission.

Excellence sits at the very heart of Mott MacDonald, together with our digital ways of working and our commitment to delivering great social outcomes. Our clients expect nothing less and rely on our excellence and connected thinking to add value to their businesses.
Our Excellence agenda comprises of three components:
Foundations: What we know and have: our knowledge and innovation capability.
Networks: Our internal networks of people working together across our global business to build on our foundations. These include our Technical Practices, Early Career Professionals and Technical Excellence Leader networks.
Programmes: Our Technical Improvement Programme and Futures Programme. These groups of projects help us to improve what we do now and prepare us for what we don't yet do, by strengthening our networks and foundations.

Professional and Technical Excellence is the core foundation of our business, it's what drives and improves our delivery and is the engine room of Mott MacDonald. Our culture should be one that encourages and drives excellence in what we do through a coordinated programme that drives improvement.

We are looking to appoint a Technical Excellence Lead in Australia to drive this culture of excellence and improvement.
Key responsibilities
* Develop and lead a strategy to promote and foster a culture of excellence through improving our professional and technical excellence in line with relevant Group Practice Plans and Initiatives, and Unit Business Plan, including working with other Digital and Technical Excellence Leads across Asia Pacific and New Zealand
* Work with Australian Practice Leaders, National Sector Leaders, Account Leads, Digital Network Leads and State Managers to deliver the professional and technical excellence strategy in a focussed and effective manner that is linked to our client needs
* Embrace and contribute to Mott MacDonald's Digital Network and strategy to support global networking; promoting the use of global networks, systems and technologies; and continually reviewing and developing team capabilities in line with technological advancements.
* Foster the development of delivering social outcomes on client projects for our communities through each of the Practices
* Play an active role in establishing relationships with the appropriate professional bodies, contributing to the development of the Practices
* Write and encourage others to write papers for industry literature and Mott MacDonald publications
* Foster innovation led from Australia and secure Group funding for projects
* Represent Mott MacDonald at relevant conferences through contributing and giving presentations to industry
* Support Account Leaders in communicating our service offering to clients, and co-create Technical Excellence opportunities with our key clients
* Provide input to proposals/take part in bid reviews for technically complex or unusual projects
* Undertake or support project reviews to ensure technical compliance and good practice are being followed
* Develop and manage the professional and technical excellence budget for Australia
* Establish competency management systems as required to satisfy local compliance requirements (e.g. Transport for NSW Authorised Engineering Organisation accreditation)

To be successful in the role you will need:
* Strong leadership, interpersonal, communication and technical skills, including the ability to be a persuasive influencer of colleagues
* The ability to build and maintain effective working relationships at all levels
* Experience working in a distributed, virtual team
* Significant proven experience in delivering complex, technical projects
* Extensive experience in engineering or development consultancy on a global level.