APAC FSO Global Accounts Finance Advisor

Last updated 10 days ago
Location:Multiple Locations

Job Title: Global Account Financial Advisor

Job Rank: Assistant Director
Function: Finance

Sub Function: Markets Account Support

Reports to: Lead Global Account Financial Advisor (TBC)

Position Summary:

The Global Account Financial Advisor (GAFA) is a finance professional with robust knowledge and experience that is dedicated to one or more of the most complex global accounts serviced by EY. The GAFA will provide insight into the account’s global financial performance as well as forward thinking modeling and advice to support financial decisions. Additionally, the GAFA will introduce implementation frameworks for key financial processes in order to optimize global performance while providing a clear view of the account performance to account, regional and finance leadership teams.

Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Financial planning and performance

    • Deliver margin modeling and advise GCSP on the financial aspect of account’s strategic planning process. Continually monitor and measure financial success of strategy.

    • Model and advise on stretch vs. achievable targets for the account’s annual revenue plan, monitor that effective ownership over revenue plan components is assumed across account leadership team.

    • Advise on performance and forecast expectations against revenue plan throughout the year, provide GCSP with insights and recommendations to achieve optimal financial performance.

    • Validate accuracy of account’s reported financial data.

  • Margin optimization
    • Model and advise on where and how to improve account margin, agree with GCSP on targets for improvement, continually measure success of improvement strategy.

    • Establish and promote adherence to improvement frameworks across the account in order to manage and maximize margin performance across all engagements.

    • Analyze margin performance throughout the year, making ongoing recommendations for optimization.

    • Provide account team with robust margin modeling in support of developing a sound pricing strategy on the largest and most complex pursuits.

    • Analyze engagement margin drivers (e.g. leverage model, work location) and collaborate to course correct or maximize results where applicable.

  • Contract Management
    • Establish and socialize framework to apply Master Service Agreement (MSA), rate cards and other client procurement requirements on all engagements across the account.

    • Provide account teams with a clear understanding of the impact / benefit of applying MSA, rate cards and other client procurement requirements on the largest and most complex pursuits to achieve the best margin outcome.

  • Master Service Agreement/Rate Card Development
    • Provide robust margin modeling and advice to GCSP in support of pricing decisions and negotiation.

  • Account revenue planning

    • Facilitate the development of account’s revenue plan, securing ownership with key stakeholders.

  • Working Capital Management

    • Constantly analyze account level billed and unbilled inventory levels, advising on any potential exposure or risk which might impact margin performance.

  • Abidance to Q&RM

    • Highlight any potential Q&RM issues that become visible through account’s financial reporting.

  • Knowledge Share and Development

    • Work with G360 finance community, share policies, expertise, ideas and successes. Bring leading practices to own accounts.

  • Client centric business focused reporting :

Leverage global leading practice and support on reporting, and on all other account and engagement processes for the benefit of own accounts.

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:

Strong analytical skills are essential for the GAFA role. Common areas where the Global Account Financial Advisor would apply these skills are:

  • Analysing large quantities of data in order to form and communicate a crisp view of the global account performance landscape.
  • Continuously advising the account leadership team on expected financial performance vs. plan based upon analytics such as trend analysis and modelling of forward looking scenarios.
  • Providing financial modelling and advice to support pricing decisions.
  • Detailed analysis of financial performance in order to determine cause and effect correlations.
  • Developing financial forecast scenarios for account performance based on information such as sales pipeline, resourcing, etc.

Assessing the drivers of financial results with constant focus on improvement and rapid course correction where necessary.