Platform Architect (Infra)

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Job Type:Full Time

Platform Architect

The Platform Architect is responsible for ensuring the architecture and designs of all development/technical efforts comply with standards and agreed strategies, ultimately ensuring applications and platforms are evolving toward a target state. This person is responsible for the detailed design of Technology platforms, platform reference architectures, consumption templates, alignment of platform to the solution architecture, the strategic response to accrued technical debt, platform lifecycle, adoption of use patterns, improve the Technology portfolio, and work to evolve the architecture toward the organisation’s needs.

Platform Architect must be seen as a mentor and technically proficient amongst the Technology architecture platforms and is responsible for maintaining high levels of technical passion and knowledge craving amongst the Technology and IT community.

What are you going to do?

  • Owning the platforms. Owning means to understand perfectly the current situation, have a vision about the target and draft the roadmap to solve the gap
  • Prototyping new Concepts and drafting architecture standards
  • Responsibility for quality of architecture designs. Being the bridge between business and technology to design or evolve the platforms
  • Responsible for designing and owning the security architecture of the platform
  • On call 24 hours as required for production issues and resolution
  • Meeting project deadlines by delivering the required designs a.o. frameworks in time
  • Flexible designs to meet future needs
  • Accountable for the detailed design of platforms
  • Incubating concepts with the business and architects
  • Custodians of Technology Architecture
  • Part of Global ING Communities and ensuring that Australia is well aligned
  • Presenting and selling the technical merits of designs to the architecture team and other stakeholders
  • Collaborating / feedback sessions with Lead and Principal Engineers from the Tribes and CoEs

Technical skills

  • Deep knowledge of data structures, design, architectural and integration patterns, algorithms, and engineering best practices.
  • Demonstrated working experience in scripting and platform tools for compute, storage, and network.
  • Demonstrated experience in virtualization internals (Hypervisors, Containers etc.) and working experience on Linux (flavours) operating system.
  • Working knowledge of Security in general (infrastructure, network, operations), and in-depth knowledge on various application security patterns, frameworks, and protocols.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and building highly scalable and secure systems (web, mobile, services)
  • Understanding of modern SDLC practices including build automation (CI/CD) ) Deployment automation and orchestration, automated testing frameworks
  • Strong understanding of cloud architecture principles

Previous experience

  • 8+ years full time experience in technology architecture, Infrastructure, datacentres and cloud environments
  • 5 years of demonstrated designing and building highly scalable and secure platforms
  • Knowledge of no-sql databases, open sources databases (e.g. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hadoop etc.)
  • Awareness of Big Data technologies.
  • Knowledge of Web Application servers and reverse proxies e.g. Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, IIS, etc.
  • Working experience of Public Cloud Architectures
  • Demonstrated experience on IaaS, PaaS, CMP, monitoring and metric technologies

Other skills or competencies

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to operate at own initiative with a pro-active attitude, within the directions and confines of management and Bank policy
  • Ability to find the right balance between architectural innovation and business value.
  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to liaise with a broad range of people, including line management, senior management, external suppliers and related people.
  • Problem solving ability and strong analytical skills
  • Passionate about staying up to date on trends in technology

Education (preferred)

  • Technical Degree
  • Computer science.