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Eveleigh, NSW

Workplace initiatives at FluroSat

Workplace initiative Status
Breastfeeding rooms No
Coaching programs
Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on paid Parental Leave
Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on unpaid Parental Leave No
Domestic and Family Violence policy
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) No
Employee engagement scores year on year
Employee turnover rate 15-20 % 2018
Employer is a Pay Equity Ambassador* No
Internal Women's networking groups
Leadership development programs
Mentoring opportunities
Minimum tenure required to be eligible for Paid Parental Leave 0 months
Open to discussing flexible working arrangements at the interview stage?
Opportunities to purchase leave
Paid Parental Leave at full salary for primary carer (not including government-funded parental leave) 6 weeks
Paid Parental Leave at full salary for secondary carer 6 weeks
Paid volunteer days No
Programs for parents returning to work after Parental Leave
Targets to raise the number of women in leadership 40:60 by 2020

About FluroSat

At FluroSat, we believe that deep science is vital to sustainable food and fibre production. We’re using Australia’s best research to create user-centered software that helps farmers make informed decisions based on highly differentiated analysis. We apply the latest in machine learning and AI to fuse together multiple sources of data and create selective, accurate and actionable insights.

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Our specialty at FluroSat is the analysis of remote sensing data (aerial and satellite imagery). We build supercharged agronomic tools to quantify the crop stress and answer the "why?" rather than "where?". Our platform allows agronomists to access satellite/plane or upload drone data, and provides them with the information on the stress levels and nutrient content distribution around the paddock (e.g., crop health maps, N/ chlorophyll levels maps) calculated using our advanced modeling and processing tools. We go into in-depth analysis, extending beyond the visual range of light and detect the crop stress before it is visible to a human eye.

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What is different about us is that we combine aerospace, agricultural and data science with state-of-the-art imagery (hyper-/multispectral imagery from drones, planes and satellites) to detect the crop stress and put it into the farm management context. Smart use of machine learning techniques and localised weather data allows our platform, FluroSense, to tailor analytics on a per-paddock level for each of the crop types separately. Our platform has already been used on three continents to manage high-value high-impact crops. If you want to be a part of the next global revolution, Get in touch with us!

"Working at FluroSat allows me to get involved and take responsibilities in many projects. We are working in a traditionally male dominated industry and it can be intimidating, but the team at FluroSat is highly motivated and we support each other in our efforts and objectives." Kelly Champavier - Product Manager

* Employer has undertaken the requirements to be on the Pay Equity Ambassador list, administered by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).