Let’s talk about Diversity and Inclusion

Let’s talk about Diversity and Inclusion

 Matthew Callachor
Matthew CallachorSep 3, 2019

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just about gender issues, it can take many forms and covers religion, sexual orientation, age, differences in physical and mental abilities, and cultural differences too, to name a few.

I believe everyone at Toyota Australia should be across the direction and progress we’ve made in the D&I space in our organisation. Because our aim to be a more diverse and inclusive workplace does not just impact those who are striving for equality or inclusion;

It takes everyone being onboard to make a real and lasting difference.

I have always said that diversity of thinking is imperative to the success of our business. By creating an inclusive environment we can get the best out of this diverse thinking, enabling diverse solutions, to better equip us to achieve our 2025 vision of “creating innovative mobility solutions for all Australians.”

Since the first Women’s Conference in April last year, we have made progress in a number of areas, including:

  • A gender balance target was approved and implemented
  • Growing momentum in adapting flexible work arrangements
  • Proud sponsor of the AFLW & the National Wheelchair Championships
  • Gender pay gap audit conducted
  • Improvements being made to the Career Progression Framework
  • Family & Domestic Violence leave procedure introduced

Watch this space as we continue to make progress to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

By working together, we can make Toyota Australia a more diverse and inclusive place to work, where everyone one can realise their full potential.

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About the author

 Matthew Callachor

Matthew Callachor

Matthew Callachor began his career at Toyota Australia as a marketing analyst in 1982 after completing a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in marketing. He has had around 16 different jobs in the US and Asia from sales and marketing right through to manufacturing, Matthew brings a wide and varied skill set to his role at Toyota. In 2018, Matthew was appointed Toyota Australia's president and CEO during a formal ceremony at the company's headquarters in Melbourne.

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