Bonus Episode: The superannuation gender gap with Sangeeta Venkatesan

Bonus Episode: The superannuation gender gap with Sangeeta Venkatesan

WORK180Dec 22, 2020

Sangeeta Venkatesan took her 25 years of banking and financial experience and founded FairVine Super, where they want to empower women to take control of their finances and future. Her impressive career background spans countries, industries and major institutions, and she’s passionate about increasing the financial independence of Australia’s women.

Sangeeta took time at various stages in her career to assess what was most important to her, leading her to found FairVine Super as a way to address the superannuation gender gap and the quickly rising number of homeless women over age 55. She shared the challenges of working full time with small children, and her tips for supporting your career and your sanity.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Sangeeta's incredibly impressive career history.
  • The career crossroads Sangeeta faced when she finished her CA and needed a change.
  • Her global experiences that helped her figure out what she wanted to do.
  • The power of networking in supporting your career, particularly in transition.
  • How to strengthen your network by saying yes and looking for authentic connection.
  • Her decisions and value proposition for setting up FairVine Super.
  • The superannuation gender gap and quickly growing demographic of homeless women over age 55.
  • FairRewards portal that provides up to 20% of amounts spent into superannuation.
  • FairShare tool that empowers couples to split their super.
  • FairGig tool to support gig economy workers to start saving.
  • The impact on superannuation of having children and changing career trajectories.
  • Going beyond lip service to real action on gender equality.
  • The importance of self-advocating as a woman.
  • How Sangeeta managed returning to work full time in an investment bank with a three month old baby.
  • Outsourcing to support yourself when you're working full time.
  • The importance of the mother's happiness in supporting the family's happiness.
  • Asking for what you are worth.

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