Arcadis remains Flex Able Certified!

Arcadis remains Flex Able Certified!

WORK180Jan 23, 2020

Arcadis CEO Malcolm McDowall has made a family commitment. Every single Monday night at 6.30pm his family come together for a family dinner.

No excuses.

No working late.

No travel.

Malcolm openly shared his story when he launched Flexible Working Week for Arcadis. He was leading by example by placing his own well-being, his own mental health and his family at the top of his priority list.

At Arcadis, flexible working has been fully embedded into the organisation and everyone talks about it in a positive way. Trust is given to everyone from day one, ‘Leaders Leave Loudly’ and there are no questions about why someone chooses this method of working.

Arcadis want to continue to build on the flexible working culture they already have. This year they launched ‘Flex Champions’ and started to build the Flex Champions community. The community includes people from around Australia who come together quarterly to encourage and drive flexible working.

Flex Champions are encouraged to talk about what they see in their offices, how people are feeling and talking about flexible working at their site. They receive suggestions on what else they could be doing and as a group they are encouraged to keep their eyes and ears to the ground to see what is happening in the market and what they can do better.

Along with this view of continual improvement in flexible working, Arcadis has moved to monthly engagement surveys to gain feedback from their people on what can be done better.

It has been almost three years since their last round of flexible working training. In that time, many new people have joined the company and many more have changed roles. To keep things fresh and focussed, they recently rolled out updated Manager Flexible Working Training. Ensuring that managers have the tools and resources they need to support their people working flexibly is imperative when flexible working best practice is your goal.

Congratulations Arcadis on remaining Flex Able Certified!

Want to learn more about how your organisation can become certified? Click here to find out.

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