6 fun facts about WORK180 on our 6th birthday!

6 fun facts about WORK180 on our 6th birthday!

WORK180Feb 11, 2021

This year WORK180 is celebrating our 6th birthday! To kick off the celebrations, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about us… maybe some things you don’t already know.

1. We have 40 team members…. and we’re still growing!

With employees from 8 cities across the US, UK, and Australia. From Houston in the US to Yorkshire in the UK, to Perth in WA Australia, we are spread out far and wide. 19 of our employees are parents to human babies and 17 to fur babies.

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2. We’re all about flexible work - that’s why we only work a 9 day fortnight!

That means we get every second Friday off and get paid for it! 🙌 We all work remotely and are empowered to work flexibly to suit our individual needs. So, if you want to start later to fit in that gym class or have a long lunch break to take the kids to the park that is totally up to you!

3. WORK180 was originally called DCC (Diverse City Careers).

As part of our evolution, we conducted research among candidates, clients, and partners and as a result, we rebranded DCC Jobs to WORK180. This was to better reflect that we flip the recruitment process 180 degrees to put the power in the hands of the job seeker and to focus on our purpose: Empowering every woman to choose a workplace where they can thrive.

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4. Every two weeks, a WORK180 Endorsed Employer improves a policy.

In 2020, 111 benefits were introduced across 27 of our Endorsed Employers! Some of the top benefits and policies that were upgraded were flexible work arrangements, domestic and family violence support, paid parental leave, and reduction of waiting period to access paid parental leave. This is the driving force behind WORK180.

5. WORK180 is more than just a workplace.

Our team loves to share stories, advice, photos and we love a good meme! Some of the channels you will find in WORK180’s slack are; pets, bookclub, plants, parenting, and wellbeing - this channel is set up with daily reminders to encourage team members to take a break away from their screens. We also have a weekly meditation session over zoom and a monthly trivia night. (Which can get very competitive!)

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6. We strive for progress, not perfection

Our Customer Success partners are there to help our Endorsed Employers on their DEI journey. In 2020 alone our Customer Success Partners spent over 2,000 hours working with our Endorsed Employers, to help them improve their policies and benefits which in turn helps support women in the workplace.

So there you have it, 6 things you may not have known about WORK180. If you would like to find out more about WORK180 visit or subscribe to our monthly Women at Work email to find out about new stories, events, and career-building resources.

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WORK180 is an international jobs network that connects smart businesses with talented women. We pre-screen every employer on our jobs board to see where they stand on pay equity, flexible working, paid parental leave, equal opportunities and a range of other criteria. We also take into account diversity initiatives focusing on age, ability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The information we uncover is made public on our website, so that everyone knows what to expect from each employer before applying for a job. We continually review and evolve our pre-screening criteria to ensure workplaces are fair and equal for everyone.

To help women find a workplace that will work for them, we prescreen employers on flexible working, pay equity, paid parental leave, and more. Find your next role on the WORK180 job board.