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Women* have faced unfair barriers in their careers for far too long. As part of the solution, WORK180 has flipped the recruitment process 180 degrees to put the power in the hands of the job seeker.

On the WORK180 job board, it’s the employers who need to impress. As well as sharing their benefits and policies for you to consider, they must prove their commitment to diversity and inclusion. And like you, we have high standards — only 80% of companies that apply to become an Endorsed Employer meet our criteria.

Gemma and Valeria

“The information we uncover isn’t available anywhere else. We make it public on our website so that candidates know exactly what to expect.”

The WORK180 story

Gemma Lloyd and Valeria Ignatieva founded WORK180 after experiencing a working world that was failing women.

Having worked in the technology industry for several years, Gemma had experienced both the impact of workplaces that did and did not support women. For Valeria, a single parent to a son with a disability, the continuous rejection of her need for flexible working meant she couldn’t even get back on the career ladder.

Together, they created WORK180. This innovatively transparent job board now helps women around the world to confidently apply to workplaces with a proven commitment to diversity, inclusion, and gender equality.

Helping organisations to improve

Every two weeks, a WORK180 Endorsed Employer improves a policy. These policy changes impact 280,000 employees a year.

Our social impact goes beyond gender

We continually review and evolve the pre-screening criteria to ensure workplaces are fair and equal for everyone. Here are some of the questions we ask:

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